By Caesar Jean

Stop Exercising Start Training

High Performance Training Manual

I’ve developed this program to help jump start you’re fitness journey, leading you step by step towards more strength, better performance and a leaner, more athletic body.


How to be Confident with Anxiety

How to be Confident with Anxiety

Here are some ways to become Confident with Anxiety.

Ask yourself what are you anxious about?

Contrary to popular belief anxiety is a healthy emotion, but sometimes that emotion we feel can get carried away and present irrational fears.

2 questions to ask yourself:
  • What am I anxious about?
  • Is what I’m feeling a rational or irrational fear?

Be honest and clear with your answers this will put your mind at ease and help you push forward.



Find a quiet place, close your eyes, and focus on slowing down your breathing.

Meditation can assist in combating symptoms of anxiety and depression. It can also boost your self esteem and quiet that self doubt.

I recommend as little as 10 minutes a day to get you started.

Challenge Yourself.

Confidence comes from within, and by challenging yourself it will lead you to a lot of personal growth.

A simple trick I like to use is to set a series of small goals that you alone can accomplish. This will lead you to have great compounding results that will help you with your confidence long term.

Hope this helps.




The Breakfast Club Interview: Angela Stanton

Angela Stanton On Sharing Trump’s Policies, Pro-Life, Gender Dysphoria + Rebuilding Black America

I feel like this interview was very bias and unfair to Angela Stanton. The host spent most of the time attacking her views.
Angela Stanton was still able to make valuable points in regards to the Democratic Party, Gender Dysphoria + Rebuilding Black America. If you have an hour this is a valuable listen.



PRICE: $225

Taking cues from one of the most coveted LeBron IV colorways, the LeBron 17 ‘Graffiti’ pushes the boundaries of both past and present by combining elements from both signature shoes. The LeBron 17’s integrated Foamposite tech—overlaid with a freestyle interpretation of LeBron’s personal values in the LeBron IV’s recognizable graffiti style.


Air Jordan 5 Top 3

Air Jordan 5 Top 3

Air Jordan 5 Celebrating it’s 30 year anniversary. 

This release will combine classic Air Jordan 5 colorways such as the “Black Metallic,” “Fire Red,” and “Grape” releases all in one shoe.


My Meditation Routine

My Meditation Routine

Good things come to those who meditate.

Meditation has been very instrumental in my growth over the years. I’m glad I’ve made it a consistent practice.

How I meditate these days is simple, I go to a dark and quiet room then I put on my airpods and go to my brainwave app and pick the appropriate settings ie: morning meditation, night meditation (See pic below)

And I just let my mind wonder, focusing on my breathe and the things I want to bring into my reality for 20 minutes.

Once I’m done I feel calm and relaxed.

Give it a try and let me know what good thing come to you


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