Hiking Buckskin Gulch

Hiking Buckskin Gulch

Hiking Buckskin Gulch Via Wire Pass

Buckskin Gulch is alleged to be the longest slot canyon in the world.

One of the truly classic hiking trails in the United States, and you don’t need a permit to explore this awesome slot canyon.

Pack plenty of water and salty snacks and spend the whole day snapping pics for the gram and having your mind blown by one of mother nature’s ultimate creation.

Hiking Gear

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Basecamp 37 in Kanab Utah

Basecamp 37 in Kanab Utah

Social Distance Getaway to Kanab Utah

Basecamp 37

Hammocks at Basecamp 37

Powell Tent

Powell Tent at Basecamp 37


The Powell Tent is the most secluded out of all the tents for that extra touch of privacy it is also fitted with a very comfortable California King. 

Gallery of Images from our stay

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Basecamp 37 is a great glamping option if you are looking to get off the grid with your significant other and be surrounded with adventure options.

How to be Confident with Anxiety

How to be Confident with Anxiety

Here are some ways to become Confident with Anxiety.

Ask yourself what are you anxious about?

Contrary to popular belief anxiety is a healthy emotion, but sometimes that emotion we feel can get carried away and present irrational fears.

2 questions to ask yourself:
  • What am I anxious about?
  • Is what I’m feeling a rational or irrational fear?

Be honest and clear with your answers this will put your mind at ease and help you push forward.



Find a quiet place, close your eyes, and focus on slowing down your breathing.

Meditation can assist in combating symptoms of anxiety and depression. It can also boost your self esteem and quiet that self doubt.

I recommend as little as 10 minutes a day to get you started.

Challenge Yourself.

Confidence comes from within, and by challenging yourself it will lead you to a lot of personal growth.

A simple trick I like to use is to set a series of small goals that you alone can accomplish. This will lead you to have great compounding results that will help you with your confidence long term.

Hope this helps.




The Breakfast Club Interview: Angela Stanton

Angela Stanton On Sharing Trump’s Policies, Pro-Life, Gender Dysphoria + Rebuilding Black America

I feel like this interview was very bias and unfair to Angela Stanton. The host spent most of the time attacking her views.
Angela Stanton was still able to make valuable points in regards to the Democratic Party, Gender Dysphoria + Rebuilding Black America. If you have an hour this is a valuable listen.



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