By Caesar Jean

Stop Exercising Start Training

High Performance Training Manual

I’ve developed this program to help jump start you’re fitness journey, leading you step by step towards more strength, better performance and a leaner, more athletic body.


Mosul | Official Trailer | Netflix

When ISIS took their homes, families and city, one group of men fought to take it all back. Based on true events, this is the story of the Nineveh SWAT team, a renegade police unit who waged a guerrilla operation against ISIS in a desperate struggle to save their home city of Mosul.

My Covid Story: Getting Rid of that Quarantine 15 | #thecaesarlife #44

My Covid Story: Getting Rid of that Quarantine 15 | #thecaesarlife #44

Join me as I go on this challenge to get rid of the Quarantine 15. While we are staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic I developed a simple program that will help us lose that Quarantine 15 with little to no equipment.

If you’d like more info or a customized approach to your home workout you can reach me here:




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